Live Blood Analysis, J.D:

I have decided to do five sessions of acupuncture for blocked emotions J As I have restricted my eating the irritability has become anger has been increasing which is not pleasant all round.  As I said to you the other day, I think the eating is keeping the emotions under control!

When I came to you initially I had:

Brain fog                              itchy ears

Middle ear issues             sinus problems

Not sleeping well              Urinating often at night

Craving carbs                     constipation

Bloating at times              irritability

Overweight                        lack of energy

I have been on the eating plan and nutrients prescribed for six weeks and had relief from all of them to varying degrees.  The brain fog is radically improved, my memory is better, my ears are no longer itchy at all and my sinuses are clearer.  I am sleeping better and not getting up as often at night but also moderating my liquids and adjusting to my eating times as suggested by Jane.  My energy is greatly improved and I am exercising which I didn’t have energy for before.  I have lost five kilograms and have no craving for carbs.  The only thing that still needs attention is the constipation. This is a work in progress and I am inspired to keep going as my reading on the Scio and my blood results are proof that this is working for me big time.

Thank you Jane.

Warm regards



Testimonials from Earthimagineers tour SA:

Well presented, lots of energy, great speakers

Well done! On this update and brochure.  This programme is one of the best I’ve ever attended of it’s kind in years.

What an amazing hands on, practical informative workshop! Wow! I learnt so much life changing stuff! I feel like there’s a plan on its way to live a truly abundant life beyond the “system”.

The workshop was well worth it – Introducing participants to a collection of powerful information that can be implemented and tweaked immediately. Looking forward to putting all learnt to practice.

It was awesome

This has been a life changing experience. The information has really been extremely helpful for putting into our daily life and practice. I am extremely grateful for being able to be a part of this amazing experience. Thank you so very much.

Info is very valuable

What a weekend! Inspired and hopeful!

The seminar provided me with the perfect balance to grow. It provided information to nourish, equip and shape minds for the future. It provided excellent tools to enable us to sustain ourselves in every way. It provided too much to even mention.

I realised that by making a difference to my health and that of my family and employees, I can make a difference to a much larger community purely because I am doing it … heart love.

I am most sure that I will look back on this weekend as a pivotal shift in the land of South African.


Hello Jane,

Thank you for that very informative article on the value of our soil. There is so much that I am becoming aware of since getting to know you. Sometimes I wonder how I lived so long not even knowing these things.  I am hoping to be able to attend another of your workshops in the near future, I thoroughly enjoyed the session that I attended .

May  you be blessed .



If I lived in your home I would never go out

Very inspiring home – amazing woman

You have changed my life