Rejuvenation Programme Rejuvenate Your DNA and Boost Your Immunity in 3 months!

Jane Mackenzie

Rejuvenating Practitioner

(MBA, B. Pharm, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Homotoxicology, SCIO, Live Blood Analysis, Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Journey)

bloodThe ever increasing array of toxins affecting us along with depleted, chemically treated soil and plants results in poor food quality and these factors damage our DNA, weaken our immune systems and cause disease.

“Restoring your body to its Natural Harmonic Balance can be achieved relatively easily”, says Jane Mackenzie, Rejuvenating Practitioner and Consulting Pharmacist, as the body is designed to self-heal given the correct nutritional building blocks and removal of the stressors”.

The Rejuvenation Programme is validated using Live Blood Analysis assessments before, during and after three months to determine free radical damage to red blood cells and white blood cell count and health. The key to successful rejuvenation is to remove the causes of the illness or discomfort as far as is possible. This may mean an examination of heredity factors and inherited diseases. Damage to the chromosomes, genes and telomeres results in disease patterns being passed down from one generation to the next. “The problem being that the occurrence of the inherited disease appears at a younger and younger age as the generations continue, which is why we are seeing hypertension and cardiac damage, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, brain neurological, emotional and autoimmune disease at younger and younger ages”, explains Jane.

This is the field known as Epigenetics and this is one area in which Jane specialises to begin rejuvenating the body. Apart from eating nutrient dense foods such as green juices, bee pollen, the algae, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs, and avoiding environmental toxins and the stressor foods such as heated animal and vegetable fat, sugar, processed food, wheat, one can use the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operator) to repair damaged chromosomes, genes, foci and telomeres, DNA and RNA and boost the immunity via the scalar wave and bio-resonance programmes.

Optimum nutrition from nutrient dense foods is essential to provide the building blocks for cell growth, repair and production of White Blood Cells for immunity. Organic foods contain the highest percentage of minerals and antioxidants and the least concentration of chemicals and will aid in the repair of DNA and boost immunity. Then by adding Heavenly Harmony Nutrient Dense Foods the natural repair to RBC’s and WBC’s, DNA and increased immunity is potentiated and incorporated into the Heavenly Harmony Rejuvenation Programme. Individual nutrition programmes are followed and will include nutrient dense foods.

Effective and validated detoxification programmes are essential to support and drive any rejuvenation and repair programme and to boost immunity. Heavenly Harmony Lyme’s Gold herbal and mineral dense products like Ormus and probiotics like Live Microbiome Reset with enzymes assist in detoxifying and cleansing the body of unwanted chemical, heavy metal and parasitic toxins. The heated Far Infra-Red Sauna will not only melt the fat encasing the toxins such as insecticides and heavy metal poisons but it will also kill parasites and pathogenic microbes and with increased circulation enable the body to sweat this all out. This 14-micron Infra-Red Sauna will penetrate the body by 3-4 cm further enhancing toxin removal. Once the toxins are removed the immune system and white blood cells can be used to restore the body. “You instantly feel better and can think clearer once you have spent 30 mins in this sauna,” says Jane. Ozone tub combined with infra-red therapy does the same thing but the ozone enters the blood stream via the skin and is another option especially where oxygen levels are low. The benefits of reduced toxins are that the WBC’s can continue with rejuvenation and the brain functions optimally and concentration improves.

One also needs to address stress, blocked emotions and remove neurological mentally retained toxins as these factors have a damaging effect on the immune system and DNA damage as if there is excess secretion of adrenalin and cortisol, these substances act as free radicals and do serious damage. Stress reduction techniques and food rich in antioxidants and free of free radicals, like cold pressed, oxygen and light protected vegetable oil, is critical to combat free radical damage and protect the heart, brain, DNA and white blood cells.

The benefits of this three-month Rejuvenation Programme will be documented in next month’s issue as we perform live case studies over a three-month period.

Jane consults from the Rejuvenation Centre in Bryanston and can be contacted on for appointments and for more information on the Rejuvenation Programme, products and other therapies see, and



Rejuvenate your DNA and

Boost your Immunity in 3 Months

  • LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS evaluation monthly to determine free radical damage and improvements
  • Microbiome Reset – Liquid Live Probiotic with >80 Strains
  • Ormus – M+ State Gold and other precious metal minerals
  • Bee Mix – Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly
  • Medicinal Mushroom Mix – Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake
  • Algae Mix – Blue-Green, Chlorella, Spirulina
  • Stress Defence Shield – Over 30 Nutrient Dense Foods and Herbs


How this works:


  • Rejuvenation & Repair of cells and connective tissue
  • Immune Boost – oxidants and enzymes
  • Increased cellular rejuvenation and communication
  • Builds RNA and DNA
  • Stimulates chromosome telomere growth
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Increased Energy and Stress Reduction
  • Detoxification and Anti-inflammatory
  • White Blood cell and Brain stem cell production