High-frequency, Nutrient Dense, Intelligent food & herbs for Vibrant Health

‘Our Food is our Medicine and Our Medicine is Our Food’ (Hippocrates).

Sustainable Health and REGENERATIVE NUTRITION begins with the quality of our food and is instrumental in our ability to heal ourselves and to heal the planet. Having spent the last 30 years observing disease, illness, sickness, symptoms, treatment and cures I confirm:

‘Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine thy Food’ Hippocrates.

Our food is entrapped sunlight or life force together with minerals from the soil presented in various forms which we eat. Leading edge nutrition uses nutrient dense, super food and herbs, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and essential oils for optimum, radiant health. This enables us to establish a Stress Defence Shield, e.g., medicinal mushrooms, bee pollen, algae and adaptogenic herbs.

Practical experience has shown that most people are sick due to the food they eat. Wrong choices, processed, heated and chemically treated food harms our body, making it acidic and dis-ease prone. These choices affect our healthy cells and alter our genetic structure. Optimum health is attained when the blood is alkaline, the body is saturated with nutrients and is clear of toxins.

We are what we eat.


  • Nutrition, Biodynamic Food Growing & Sustainability, consultations, courses, talks & workshops.
  • Personal Nutrition Profiles for individuals to attain Vibrant Health using Intelligent, Nutrient dense, Raw Food & Herb nutrients
  • Set up food gardens, indigenous gardens and consult with individuals/groups to streamline their personal nutrition to attain a higher level of health.
  •  Assistance if you want to go off grid to reduce initial consumption to the minimum level before purchasing solar equipment.
  •  Assistance with your Indigenous Garden set up and maintenance