Earth Custodian

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Harmonious interdependent/interconnected relationships between the earth, nature, animals, people and the Sun leads towards abundant renewable systems. Earth custodianship means that we have accepted our responsibility for the planet and our future.

We are the future ancestors of an endangered species…

How can we change the legacy we leave our children ….?



  • Nutrition, Biodynamic Food Growing & Sustainability, consultations, courses, talks & workshops.
  •  Personal Nutrition Profiles for individuals to attain Vibrant Health using Intelligent, Nutrient dense, Raw Food & Herb nutrients
  •  Set up food gardens, indigenous gardens and consult with individuals/groups to streamline their personal nutrition to attain a higher  level of health.
  •  Assistance with solar options and reducing initial consumption to the minimum level before purchasing solar equipment.
  •  Assistance with your Indigenous Garden set up and maintenance