Self-Sustainable Living

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I have spent many years researching and putting into practice organic, biodynamic and  sustainable living principles, using my B Pharm degree,  MBA and numerous other courses.

I have implemented several electricity, water and waste saving actions, including being off grid. I save, store and purify my water. My vegetables are biodynamically and organically grown in mineral, microorganism and humus enriched soil and compost.

Lastly, my garden is indigenous. I have planted way over 500 trees and large shrubs. This has attracted birds, insecats and small animals into the garden. Most of the plants are medicinal and many healing and health giving products are made from them.

All these actions, over the years, have had a remarkable effect on the family’s health, the energy, our connection to the earth, plants and animals and  I have achieved a positive impact on monthly savings.

Sustainability concerns 3 main areas, i.e.,  our health, our homes and food gardens. This can be established by:

Our Health

By becoming aware of our physical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and toxicity levels.

By acquiring a personal health audit assessment as a baseline.

By purifying and detoxifying the body

By changing how we live. For optimal functioning the human body requires adequate sunshine, fresh air, movement, pure water and food grown in enriched soil and compost.

By using toxic and chemical free, natural body products, cleaning products, non-plastic storage containers

By clearing blockges and cellular memories for clear thinking

By physical body alignment like Craniosacral Therapy

By soul alignment and living our purpose

Our Homes

By growing our own food and plants which have health giving properties, and grown in mineral, humus and microorganism fortified soil and compost,

by reusing, reducing and recycling waste and resources, such as electricity and water, and

by removing toxic products and replacing them with natural harmless alternatives.

I have spent many years researching and putting into practice sustainable living principles. She has a Pharmacy degree and an MBA. My home is off-grid,  I save, store and purify water. My vegetables are biodynamically and organically grown in Mineral, Humus and Effective Microorganism fortified soil and compost.

Our Food Gardens

By making our own compost and enriching the soil

By growing organic seedlings

By preparing our food in natural and healthy ways

By growing healing plants and herbs


We have a sustainable responsibility to educate others and so empowering them to find employment.