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Rejuvenate Your DNA & Boost Your Immunity 3 month Rejuvenation Programme MONTH 1 Feedback

Rejuvenation Programme Rejuvenate Your DNA and Boost Your Immunity in 3 months!

Jane Mackenzie Rejuvenating Practitioner (MBA, B. Pharm, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Homotoxicology, SCIO, Live Blood Analysis, Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Journey) The ever increasing array of toxins affecting us along with depleted, chemically treated soil and plants results in [...]

Bee Pollen, Honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly

TINA WELLMAN, PHD, PNE Trodding down the pathway to my friend's organic farm one sunny afternoon, I noticed a mysterious mass weighing down the limb of a budding apple tree. Just as my curiosity summoned [...]

For Most Foods, The Faster It Spoils, The Healthier It Is – The Toxic Preservation of Food Is Killing Us

Marco Torres, Prevent Disease Waking Times The food industry has created an era of convenience for consumers through packaged, preserved, emulsified, pasteurized, sterilized, irradiated andchemically altered foods. It’s not an exact science, but generally speaking [...]

11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

By Dr. Mercola If you eat a balanced, whole-food diet like the one described in my nutrition plan, you’re probably getting adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function. If not [...]

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