Jane Mackenzie – Natural Rejuvenating Practitioner

“Enhancing The Way You Feel”

MBA, B Pharm, SCIO, Live Blood Analysis, Intl. Cert Nutr, Acupuncture, Homotoxicology, Craniosacral

Food is Our Medicine and Medicine is Our Food

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Food Gardens

Growing food in chemical free soil where there is a harmonious balance between minerals, compost and Effective Micro-organisms results in optimum nutrients values.


Experience Off-Grid, Sustainable Living in the Heart of the City and avoid costly mistakes. Sustainability concerns 3 main areas, our health, our homes and food gardens

Indigenous Gardens

Water-wise indigenous plants have a symbiotic relationship with the soil they are planted in, act as hosts to natural insects and this helps to encourage breeding

Earth Custodian

Harmonious interdependent/interconnected relationships between the earth, nature, animals, people and the Sun leads towards renewable systems.


Vibrant health is about reducing stress and appropriate exposure to sunlight, fresh air, clean water, exercise and sleep. Furthermore, “it’s about what we eat and what’s eating us’